Shadowlands Raid Consumable Guide

Shadowlands Raid Consumable Guide

This guide is here to try and help you be prepared for a raid, cover off what a guild would require of you to bring to a raid to ensure they get the best performance from you as a player.


What are Consumables?

Raid consumables are items that increase your the stats of your character for a limited time which during a boss fight will improve your characters stats, increasing DPS, Survivability or healing throughput enabling you push harder, kill the boss faster or survive a difficult damage phase.

Different Types Of Consumables

There are many different types and with Shadowlands we now have even more!!! below is a list of the different types of consumables available and the duration that they last.

  • Potions: These are on 5 Minute cooldown after use, unlike before shadowlands you can no longer pop a potion before the fight and pop a second during the fight due to the new 5 minute cool down change (So one per fight!). These give you a short boost to a primary stat, along with some new potions that have extra effects, the duration on average is 25 seconds for example Potion.
  • Flasks: There are now only 2 different types of flasks from what I can see one which increases your primary stat by 70 and another that increases stamina, these normally last 1 hour and persist through death like Flask
  • Food: When eaten these foods increase the specific stat by 30, each food does their own stat increase, there are two types a “Light Meal” Light Meal which is a lesser stat increase and a “Large Meal” Large Meal which gives you the 30, this lasts for 1 hour and is lost when you die.
  • (NEW) Oils: These are a new addition to shadowlands which can be placed on your weapons, there are two effects one that has a chance to do shadow damage Shadow Oil Shadow and Embalmers Oil that self heals with a shield Embalmers, as of writing this Shamans and rogues are unable to use oils.
  • (NEW) Armor Kits: These are placed on your Chest Armor and increase your stamina by 32 for 2 hours Kit.
  • (NEW) Sharpening Stones: I am not sure where these sit, they cannot be used at the same time as oils (So check whats best for you) these can be applied to Blunt Weapons Blunt and Sharp Weapons Sharp increasing Attack power.

Why should I use Consumables?

If you still are not sure why you should be using consumables from the above information lets break it down some more to try and make it more clear.

Imagine if you could wear an extra piece of gear? this is effectively what the above gives you, here’s a good example.

A piece of Shadowlands gear 157 Dungeon loot gives the following stats
31 Armor
+43 Intellect
+70 Stamina
+58 Critical Strike
+33 Mastery

Now lets say that our primary stats here are Intel and Crit, these give us the best bang for our buck increasing our Damage/Healing

Primary Stat Flask (Intel) : + 70
Secondary Stat Food (Crit) + 30
Armor Kit (Stam) +32

These are for the entire duration of a raid fight

With just those alone you can see that the intel is almost twice the amount on a bit of gear, with the secondary stat being slightly less (Just like wearing another piece of gear!)

Further to this you have the Potions and Oils, Oils are a hard one to compare but they effectively give you a net DPS increase or Net self heal increase, with potions then giving a further stat increase during a DPS window!

Oils + Potions = New effects?

With the new Oils if you use a potion there is a secondary effect that will happen, again you will need to research what’s best for your class and spec, however an example of this is as follows if you are using the Shadow Oil and decide to use one of the new combat effect potions Combat Potion you will notice the second part here “If you consume this potion while your weapon is augmented with Shadowcore Oil, the additional damage is increased by 10%. Lasts 25 sec.” giving a further DPS Boost.

And Finally…..

Hopefully this has given you a good idea on why you should use raid consumables, when it comes to potions there are a few different flavours and really you will need to go away and research what’s best for your class and spec.

When it comes to potion usage its always worth speaking to your raid leader if they haven’t specified a window of when you should pop a potion there are some fights when it could be anywhere, there are other fights that may have a great window where something needs to be burned down fast.

Depending on your Guild some guilds may provide potions and flasks to their raiders, others may use Feasts Feast and Cauldrons Caldron to provide the guild with these, I would advise that you check with your guild and find out what you need to bring.


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